Here you can read the list of most frequently asked ‘general’ questions when you want to choose the best international courier services. If you have a more precise questions you can check in categories. In case you miss specific details or if you have any other questions, please contact Vega Express.

  • To which destinations am I able to ship with Vega Express?

We are serving domestically as well as internationally to many destinations. You can take the help of quick enquiry tool to check if the country you need to ship your belongings to, is available with Vega Express. We can find a customised solution for you. Our popular destinations are USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

  • What are your office hours?

You can call us from Monday to Saturday, at 08.45AM – 6.30PM. We are closed on Sunday.

  • Is Vega Express a registered company?

Yes. We are a private company and are registered under the Business Registration Ordinance. 

  • Do you have a list of products that can’t be sent with Vega Express?

Yes. Kindly check our prohibited items section.

  • Does Vega Express offer air and sea freight services?

Yes! With over 30 years in business, Vega Express is specialized in handling International Air Freight & Sea freight services across the world with quick delivery within affordable price.

  • Is a service provided by Vega Express is costlier than other international courier services?

No, definitely not. There is no additional charges for using Vega Express.

  • Do I need to pack my courier myself?

If you pack your goods, you would be doing a great help for you as well as for the receiving party. Kindly read our packaging guidelines whenever you plan to pack.

  • How many consignments can I send through the Vega Express?

There are no restrictions for the number of consignments. You can send as many as you want.

  • Can I use Vega Express services to courier my legal document?

Yes, we also courier legal documents

  • Do you parcel food and sweets internationally?

Yes, we understand how your loved ones must be missing their favourite foods or sweets. We do send parcels of food items. Kindly read our blog section for more details.