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So you're planning to send a courier internationally? Vega Express provides a range of cost-effective service options for you to choose from whether you're shipping to USA, Canada or Australia. We will get your package where it needs to go.

Let's say you have some important documents you need to expedite to your business partner in Canada or maybe you're planning to send an application for a college in USA.

With the help of Vega Express, you can be assured that your parcel will reach your destination within 2 - 4 business days.

Well, some exceptions apply.

For Example, You have this box of home-made sweets.

home made sweets in box

You want to send these home-made sweets to your son in Australia from Bangalore. The parcel needs to arrive before his birthday which is two weeks from now.

You could use a free flat rate box from your local post office and ship using Standard Courier service. The parcel will be delivered in about six to ten business days.

Oh wait, but what if the birthday is next week?

Using Standard Courier service to deliver your parcel can delay the package delivery. To ensure that the sweets reach your destination quickly, you can use the International Priority Courier express.

The International Priority Courier Express ensures that the parcel reaches the destination in three to five business days.

But the customers need to keep in mind that the International Priority Express costs a little extra as compared to the Standard service.

Check out our Rate calculator to find the estimated cost for shipping your parcel.

Once you've selected the right parcel service, the customers have an option to opt for additional international shipping insurance or extra services as required.

After selecting the shipping options, make sure you follow certain guidelines.

  1. Ensure that you've checked the restricted items list for the destination country to make sure you are not sending any prohibited items.

  2. Make sure you meet the size and weight limits for your international shipment.

  3. You need to label your package with the appropriate address, postage and customs information.

How to Pack Your Parcel

If you’ve ever sent a package that ends up looking like this…

Damages / crumbled package

You should try a few of these tips the next time you're shipping your parcel.

Choosing the Right Box

Selecting the right size, strength, and shape of your shipping parcel is a key to successful courier. It’s a good idea to select a box that is slightly larger than the content you’re putting into it.

If the box is too small, it can get overstuffed, forcing the box to bend, tear, or break open. Whereas if it’s too big, your content can shift and shake inside the box as it’s transported, possibly damaging your goods.

3d cardboard box packaging
bubble wrap-packing air-cushion

Bubble Wrap your Package

Stress from outside the box can cause it to collapse or crush. That’s why it’s important to reinforce the box from within. The content you place inside might provide some natural reinforcement, but you don’t want your content to bare the brunt of the load. You want to stuff bubble wrap, crumpled paper or other soft absorbent materials along the bottom, sides and top of the box.

Sealing the Package

Reinforce the box from the outside, by properly closing the box and adding packing tape along the folds and edges. Ensure that you reinforce the bottom, so heavy items don’t fall through. When adding tape, be careful not to mask any labels.

If the parcel is fragile or you feel it may sustain damage during shipping, the package can be double boxed.

sealing packages for courier

Here is a YouTube video explaining how to double-box your parcel:

Additional Points to Keep in Mind

  1. Make sure that the fragile items are individually wrapped or stuffed. Add heavier, sturdier items on the bottom. And make sure the corners and sides of the box are well braced, but not overstuffed.

  2. The shipping content plus the packing materials should fill up the entire box. If there are empty spaces within the box, compensate by adding more packing materials.

  3. It is also encouraged to include the, to and from information on a card on the inside of the box, in case the box gets damaged or the label falls off.

Planning to Ship Parcels from Bangalore to Abroad?

Vega Express has created a wide network for international courier services. Our international food courier service ensures that your food items are delivered at the earliest. We use air and sea freight services to deliver your parcel depending on the delivery time of your goods. Contact us today.

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